How To Stop Loan Shark & Licensed Money Lender Harassment

How To Stop Loan Shark & Licensed Money Lender Harassment

While Singapore is a generally safe city and the crime rate is low, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Illegal money lenders like loan sharks do exist despite the introduction of the Moneylenders Act Singapore in 2008. To this day, loan shark harassment cases in Singapore regularly make the news. On the […]

What Is A Loan Charge Calculator, And Why You Should Use One

Borrower using a loan charge calculator for a quick assessment

When choosing a loan, an important consideration is the total interest charged on the loan. However, this can be difficult to judge just by looking at the interest rate alone. This is why it is a good idea to use a loan charge calculator to get a clearer picture of the actual cost of your […]

Loan Tenure Meaning: What Is It Exactly & How It Works

‘Loan’ stamp alongside repayment period listed on document, representing loan tenure meaning

The loan tenure governs the duration of your loan. But beyond that, loan tenure can also affect your loan in various ways that may not be immediately obvious. Here is an in-depth explanation regarding loan tenure meaning, what may affect the loan tenure offered to you, and how you can choose the most suitable one. […]