Bad Credit Loans In Singapore – What You Need To Know

A male loan executive with a file of bad credit loan contracts

Having a poor credit rating could prevent you from getting a personal loan from a bank. When that happens, you can try applying for a bad credit loan in Singapore to meet your immediate needs. As a bonus, proper management of your loan obligation and timely repayment of your debt can also improve your creditworthiness. […]

Does A 1-hour Loan Approval Service Really Exist?

Pen and approval form for a 1-hour loan approval service.

While banks claim to offer “instant loan approvals”, this often requires having an existing bank account or credit card. Non-customers will have to wait for their loans to be approved before they can receive their funds, which could take a few working days. For those with an urgent need for cash, a better option would […]

Understanding Loan Guarantor Requirements In Singapore

The word ‘Guarantor’ written on paper with clipboard next to a gavel on a wooden table, representing loan guarantor requirements in Singapore

Some loans pose increased default risk for lenders, and as a result, require a guarantor. For instance, guarantors may be needed for foreigners taking a car loan, for younger borrowers taking an education loan, and for business loans, in place of collateral. Licensed moneylenders, too, may require a guarantor, but before you sign up as […]