Does a 1 hour loan approval service really exist?

A wooden miniature house with a huge pile of coins next to a clock with a sunset background reflecting a race against time for money if you’re in need of 1 hour loan approval service.

Are you facing a financial crisis where you are in dire need of fast cash? These are times when you need instant access to readily available funds within a short period of time. You could be faced with a huge hospitalisation bill, unexpected funeral expenses, or a sudden surge in business expenses. Fret not as there is a 1 hour loan approval service available to save the day.

Reasons for using a 1 hour loan approval service

As most people would not have enough money to cover sudden unexpected expenses, they would need to borrow from banks, financial institutions, or licensed money lenders in Singapore. We all understand that banks and financial institutions have long and stringent processes that require a lot more paperwork, including obtaining credit reports from the Credit Bureau of Singapore.

Licensed money lenders in Singapore, on the other hand, are lenient with their processes and are able to provide a loan once their minimum requirements are met. The main reason why people prefer getting loans from licensed money lenders is that they are able to obtain funds at the speed of light.

How does it work?

In order to reach out to a greater audience, most licensed money lenders in Singapore are tapping into digital technology to allow borrowers to scout for the best loan offers in the money lending scene from the comfort of their homes. Taking an urgent loan can be a daunting task for some borrowers. It’s tedious to obtain loan information from each physical licensed money lender on your own. But with a few clicks on the internet, you are able to access quality data compiled by professionals for all your loan needs.

At Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd, we offer a 1 hour loan approval service to all our borrowers regardless of the type of loan required.

Why does it take 1 hour for approval?

At Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd, our online platform allows pre-fill information if you log in with your Singpass, therefore eliminating manual inputs of certain personal details. At the same time, relevant data from several government agencies are also inserted, thus minimising the chances of human errors and increasing the loan application efficiency. The 1 hour loan processing approval is made possible by leveraging automated systems to analyse data for scoring applicants.

The Application Process

Read on to find out how a 1 hour loan approval process works. Before filling up the relevant online forms, you need to know the type of loan, the quantum required, and the purpose of the loan. The application process is a breeze if you follow these 4 simple steps listed below.

Know how much you need

The application process is fast and simple. It starts with a form that will take about 10 minutes to complete together with the following information:

  1. Borrower’s personal details (name, e-mail address, and contact number)
  2.  Loan quantum required
  3. Gross salary if a salaried worker
  4. Purpose of loan

The borrower must provide the above information accurately, as it may affect the outcome of the loan offers received. Some online portals might require a Singpass login for uploading supporting documents such as Notice of Assessments, payslips, or utility bills (for foreigners).

Get offers instantly

Upon successful submission, you will receive the outcome of your application from us based on your requirements. Make sure that the offer suits all your needs and do not blindly accept any offer out of desperation, which might have consequences later. Once you accept the loan offer, you may schedule an appointment with us on our portal.

Visit the lenders to get your loan

Based on your e-appointment, you may proceed to drop by our office at our registered business office to get a better understanding of the loan offer. An experienced loan officer will attend to you and go through the complete loan application process. Do ask all possible questions at this point to clear up any doubts that you might have. We are happy to let you know the interest rates, repayment schedules, and discuss your ability to repay the loan. If you have a good credit score, you will get a better interest rate. Once everything is in your favour, you may proceed to take the loan upon accepting all their terms and conditions. Remember to request a copy of the loan agreement upon endorsement.

Disbursement of funds

You may opt to collect your loan amount either in cash or credited directly into your bank account.


If you are looking for a 1 hour loan approval for urgent funds, Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd is the best choice. With years of expertise and experienced staff, we have helped many through their tough times.


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